A New Opportunity for America

Last-minute efforts by both presidential candidates literally days before the election to gain even a small advantage over his rival are not only shamefully desperate, but also doubious in their authenticity. Bush recently deviated from his party’s platform and is now suddenly a supporter of same-sex civil unions. Sorry, Mr. President, it’s not that simple. This short-term ‘fix’ to win the presidency should not fool voters into thinking that Bush is more liberal than he seems. It is imperative that voters think in terms of the long run on issues, current and potential, that may face our next president, because the long run is what we all will one day face.
These long-term issues include financially, militarily and morally funding a war abroad for an indeterminate amount of time. The notion that we cannot possibly win this war without the aid of the rest of the world grows stronger every day. And the fact is, Bush has lost his credibility among most of the international powers whose support is needed in this fight, namely in Europe.
We are certainly not here to argue whether European powers who led the opposition against Bush were somehow morally superior to the United States; we are all aware of the monetary interests France and Germany had in seeing Saddam Hussein remain in power. But Bush’s lack of ability to see their resistance as a reason to offer foreign powers a stake in Iraq’s development