Bush Remains Steadfast Against Terrorism

With the election only days away, everyone from celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Sarah Jessica Parker to national newspapers such as the New York Times have jumped on board in plugging the Kerry campaign, both subtly and not so subtly.
Beginning with the release of Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ in June, a vast sector of the U.S. media has, for better or worse, declared war on its current president, as reports of Bush-directed character defamation have erupted everywhere. At a Kerry fundraiser held at New York’s Radio City Music Hall in July earlier this year, enthusiastic crowds and even Kerry himself were in stitches over obscene remarks made by celebrity speakers such as Whoopi Goldberg, linking Bush’s name with sexually explicit references to female genitalia.
From the satirical renditions of Bush resembling an ape in caricature to the widespread popularity of ‘Bush-isms’ which poke fun at his speech, it seems that the population at large is only too eager to thoroughly lambaste him.
Liberal Web sites quote him as saying things like, ‘We’re gonna get ‘dem folks who knocked down da buildings.’
Granted, our native Texan president does speak with a Southern drawl. However, so did past presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Abraham Lincoln. Obviously, one’s particular regional dialect has no bearing upon one’s leadership abilities.
Bush has maintained remarkable strength of character in his decision not to let the hostility surrounding his rhetorical skills or his ideologies interfere with his top priority