Cornered! A Weekly CD Review.

Jimmy Eat World’s anticipated release of ‘Futures’ on Oct. 19 marks the band’s fifth album on a major record label.
This latest record offers a comprehensive sample of Jimmy Eat World’s talent. The album clearly is an evolution of the band’s wildly popular last offering 2001’s ‘Bleed American,’ but incorporates elements from older works such as their 1999 album, ‘Clarity.’
‘Futures’ carries the energy from ‘Bleed American’ by starting with strong songs like ‘Futures,’ and ‘Just Tonight …’ Yet it maintains balance with softer songs like ‘Drugs For Me’ and ‘Night Drive.’
The album ends with ’23,’ an ode to growing up and all the associated pain with maturing, one of the major themes running throughout the album.
‘Futures’ comes at an interesting time; a month before the elections. It is obvious that Jimmy Eat World had some ulterior motive behind some of the themes lyrically addressed by the album.
For instance, the lyrics in ‘Futures’ mention:
‘I hope for better in November / I try the same losing lucky numbers / It could be a cold night for a lifetime / Hey now, you can’t keep saying endlessly / My darling, how long until this affects me? / Say hello to good times / Trade up for the fast ride / We close our eyes while the nickel and dime take the streets completely.’
Through their lyrics, other songs such as ‘Pain’ and ‘Nothing Wrong’ provoke ideas that challenge our ideas regarding modern society. These lyrics explore our use of ‘white pills’ to deal with emotional pains modern society has no time to deal with. Or lyrics that wonder if we blame society’s ills on everyone but ourselves.
Overall the album is a combination of talented rock-and-roll instrumentals, and well-considered lyrics. It pushes themes that Jimmy Eat World has always sung about: maturing as individuals and as a whole.
‘Futures’ is currently in stores everywhere.