Critics of Bush Beware: Kerry Isn’t Better

The New University apparently had a hard time finding Bush voters among the undergraduate population to write an endorsement, or at least ones bold enough to admit it while their TAs still had their midterms on hand, but it still couldn’t find someone dumb enough to write an un-endorsement for Un-Bush, so the New U. dug up yours truly. Consider this un-endorsement a substitute for the undergraduate un-endorsement you didn’t read, or, as Sen. George W. Un-Bush would say, the un-endorsement you read before you didn’t read it.
I can understand why writing an endorsement for Bush might burden someone who had any pride in their prose. Nothing invites literary calisthenics like an Un-Bush endorsement and smart people relish in articulating the subtle genius of their cosmopolitan psyche while sledge-hammering the buffoonery of Bush’s worldview. In contrast, pro-Bush endorsements are inevitably full of clich