News in Brief

UC Settles Enron Lawsuit for $222.5 Million
The University of California announced a $222.5 million settlement with Lehman Brothers in the Enron Corp. Securities class-action lawsuit on Oct. 29.
Lehman Brothers was one of the underwriters of Enron Notes. He was charged with violations of the 1933 Securities Act, which states that underwriters are responsible for misstatements in a security registration.
This is the third settlement relating to the Enron lawsuit, after the July 2002 Arthur Andersen settlement of $40 million and the July 2004 Bank of America settlement of $69 million.
Art Professor to Work on Project in Antarctica
Connie Samaras, a UC Irvine studio art professor, will travel to Antarctica in November to begin work on an upcoming art project.
The project, entitled ‘Vast Active Living Intelligence System: Photographing the South Pole,’ will be a series of photographs of the Amundsen-Scott research station. The photographs are intended to document Antarctica’s intersections of technology, nature, space and time.
Samaras will be faced with extreme climate conditions during her trip. In November, the average temperature will be 50 degrees below zero.