Vote to Protect Our Freedoms

If you think voting doesn’t make a difference, or that all politicians are the same, you might want to reconsider your opinion.
The Republicans aren’t kidding when they say that after Sept. 11, everything changed.
They then add ominously, ‘We can never go back to the way things were before.’
We were once a nation that valued peace. Could this be what they are referring to?
Examine the Republican platform, which calls for no compromises on significant social and economic issues.
Check out their rhetoric, comparing current spin with, say, spin from a decade ago.
Now look at recent indicators such as the televised GOP convention, at which Bush spoke from a stage adorned with multiple cross motifs, or the new Bush Pledge, which calls upon Americans to raise their right hand and promise to ‘reelect, reelect’ the president. (Does the repetition foreshadow a plan to revise the constitution and permit a third term? Neurolinguistics advises us to zoom in on this kind of detail.)
Project those trends some distance into the future, factor in our apparently endless war in Iraq and you may well get …
The overthrow of democracy in America, followed by the reeducation or imprisonment of non-conservatives.
And World War III, waged initially from our new base in the Middle East and eventually spreading to every non-Christian or independent-minded nation on earth.
Why? Because the conservative mind-set contains elements of totalitarianism.
Anything not ‘us’ automatically becomes ‘them,’ and since by definition we are ‘good’ all others must therefore be ‘evil.’
Compassionate conservativism means we have to give evil at least one shot at redemption; after all, the Bible tells us to forgive our enemies and turn the other cheek.
But should the hand of friendship be refused, the next step is equally clear: ‘Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.’
The consensus I’m hearing among UC Irvine faculty and students is that neither Kerry nor Bush will win on Nov. 2.
Instead, the whole affair will probably land in the state and federal courts.
The Florida courts already have nine pending lawsuits filed by Democratic election watchdogs, each alleging fraud.
I’m guessing we won’t see an Al Gore-style rollover ‘for the good of the country’ this time.
Even Democrats can smell the blood in the water.
If this scenario prevails, we will likely see another intervention by the partisan Supreme Court, once more ‘for the good of the country.’
This preempts the people’s right to contest the outcome of a close election, setting another chilling precedent in American politics.
You know the song, ‘Goodbye my freedom, goodbye?’ Let’s sing it together.
America’s founding fathers were clever but they weren’t omniscient. The United States Constitution, for all its innovative features, contains at least one fatal flaw.
If, in a general election, a clear majority fails to be obtained and the nation’s power and wealth are concentrated in two bitterly opposed camps, then the winner-take-all nature of our election laws produces an impossible deadlock, perhaps to be followed by violence and the indefinite suspension of civil rights.
Voting is important. By not exercising our right to vote, we are allowing our administration to make important decisions for us, to control our lives.
Update your world view, my friends. You have free will, but it is wasted in the service of complacency and ennui.
The neo-cons are marching on America. This cannot be said loudly enough. And as we’ve already seen, being a neo-con means never having to say you’re sorry.The sooner the rest of us