California Should Consider Seceding

It used to be that middle America epitomized everything that was good and moral in the United States. These days, we in California find ourselves having less and less in common with our neighbors midwestern states … places where gays are apparently incapable of sharing the ‘married’ title.
In the past four years, our country certainly has fallen on hard times. Gas prices are higher than they’ve ever been. College graduates are working the cash register at 7-Eleven because there are no other jobs and over a thousand American troops have died fighting a war that mostl Americans did not support. Who or what could have possibly done this to our country? Three words: George Walker Bush.
Now that ol’ ‘Dubya’ is hunkering down for another four reckless years, lets make some predictions.
By 2008, gas prices will have incrementally risen to $6.50 a gallon. For a majority of middle-class workers, it would cost more to commute to work every month than they actually receive in wages. And whose pockets will be unfairly filled with all that oily money? The rich, of course