Cornered! A Weekly CD Review.

‘This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In’ is the third offering by Chevelle, which consists of a trio of brothers. The Chicago-born band definitely falls within the harder end of the contemporary rock-and-roll spectrum.
The new album, released on Sept. 21, is perhaps the most diverse offering from the band. The entire album carries the energy to be expected from a Chevelle album, but strays from the angry hardcore style of the previous album, ‘Wonder What’s Next.’
Rather, there seems to have been more consideration in the lyrics of ‘This Type of Thinking.’ The anger is most definitely still there; the band drives away the theme of rejecting the status quo throughout the album. Yet the emotions seem more focused and each song evokes more feeling.
The album’s hit single ‘Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)’ has received radio play and is very characteristic of the album: Powerful riffs, insightful lyrics and hard rock vocals.
Each track continues the musical assault on the status quo, the songs imploring the audience to change. Tracks like ‘Panic Prone’ invokes imagery of the exploitation of the third world, while other songs question our own lives here in the U.S.
The mood behind the album is best captured in the last song ‘Bend the Bracket,’ an acoustic, slower melody:
‘So boredom captured another fool / Shredding him to bits, it’s on / And the more we tense up, avoiding pain / You’ll never learn a thing cause / The war is on, too weak to move / Call it off, Sorry must refuse.’