News in Brief

Winter Quarter Registration Begins Next Week
The 2005 winter quarter online schedule of classes is now available online through the Registrar’s Web site.
Starting Nov. 8, students can access WebReg to check when their enrollment window opens and when they can register for winter quarter courses.
Registration for winter quarter classes begins the following week on Nov. 15 when enrollment windows open for seniors.
ZOTBills will not be mailed as in previous quarters. Instead, students will receive their ZOTBill through their UCI e-mail accounts. Winter quarter registration fees are due on Dec. 17, 2004.

Computer Error Gives Bush Extra Votes in Ohio
Due to a glitch in the electronic voting system, President George W. Bush received 3,893 extra votes in Columbus, Ohio.
Results showed that Bush received 4,258 votes and John Kerry received 260 votes, but only 638 ballots were cast in Franklin County. After reviewing the votes, it was determined that Bush only received 365 votes.
The error in Ohio is one of several problems with the electronic voting systems. For example, a county in North Carolina lost count of 4,500 votes. Unfortunately, the cause of the computer malfunction in Ohio could not be determined.