Cornered! A Weekly CD Review.

‘The OC Mix 2’ brings another solid offering of contemporary mainstream pop music. Featuring music from the hit Fox show ‘The OC,’ this album contains many big names in the music industry today like The Killers, Interpol and Death Cab for Cutie.
With this compilation album, as with many compilations, it is fairly safe to assume what sort of musical genre you will be purchasing. Considering this compilation is based on a very popular young-adult TV show, the album does not probe any truly original musical themes or genres.
Essentially, ‘The OC Mix 2′ is an album largely of popular (or soon-to-be-popular) songs that range from catchy and poppy, to slower and methodical. No genre-busters here, but if you like one of these songs, you’ll probably like the others.
That is not to say this album lacks variety. The Killers’ U2-inspired sound differs from the ‘cuddle rock’ flavor of Death Cab.
The songs are well selected to accompany the drama-ridden show. Audiences will feel all the real ‘pain’ and ’emotion’ in the soundtrack as in ‘The OC.’ Most songs push themes about rebellion, love or coping with the rigors of modern life.
The songs flow nicely with the show and touch on the most important issue of ‘I’m pretty and rich and I have problems, too.’
And best of all, the album comes with a small collage of scenes from ‘The OC.’ You’ll be the envy of all your friends with this stunning piece of art.
Criticism of the show aside, the album offers a nice mix of contemporary pop from rock and roll to pop stars like Jem, ‘The OC Mix 2’ offers a taste of music that is and music to come.