When one thinks of Cuba, what comes to mind is an image of an island inhospitable to freedom and democracy south of a land that defends those ideals with the lives of its citizens. We are all taught from a young age that Communism, the ‘red evil’ took over Cuba years ago and deprived many people there of their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Many of these perceptions are correct, but the perpetrators of these injustices in this Communist land are not restricted to Cubans.
Enter the Americans, who began a perpetual lease in the area in 1903, after having taken Cuba in the Spanish-American War in 1898. It is here, in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack, that the United States has kept prisoners captured in conflicts with the Taliban, al Qaida and various peoples suspected of having strong terrorist ties. It is the perfect place to hold prisoners in a conflict that could result in serious attacks for their freedom on American home soil. Once in Guant