Why You Should Watch Sherwood

OK. So you’re probably thinking this is another review about a band that you’ve never heard of.
While there are a lot of bands put together that never make it, there are a select few that do because they are just that good. Sherwood is one of those bands. Sherwood, previously known as ‘A Long Story Short,’ came together at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. In 2002, Nate (bass and lead vocals), Dan (guitar and back-up vocals), Chris (guitar) and Joe (drums) recorded two self-titled EPs.
In 2003, when they changed their name to Sherwood, (because of legal reasons) Mike was added to the band to play organ and percussion.
In June 2004, they took everything they had and went on tour, playing shows all over the country. In August, the band played in the Vans Warp Tour for the rest of the month.
In September 2004, Sherwood was signed to Side Chow Records, with other bands: Waking Ashland and The Beautiful Mistake. The guys have just finished their fall tour, which included playing at the Roxy and Chan Reaction, and are returning to San Luis Obispo to record their first full-length album, due out in March 2005. While Sherwood’s music has been classified as emo, their unique style has yet to be named. When trying to compare them to the sound of another band, nothing even comes close. Their music consists of a well-written blend of guitars, organ and drums.
As the guitars catch you with their melodic harmonies, the drums and organ help to add to the passion of their music. Nate and Dan’s voices blend to bring out the emotions of their heartfelt lyrics. When you hear Sherwood’s music, it just captures you and right away you just fall in love with it.
One of the best things about this band is that not only do they sound good in your CD player, but they sound even better when they play live. The members of Sherwood all mesh well together, as they play their music onstage. The energy they put off in their shows is incredible as they bleed out onto the stage through their music as they dance all over the place.
You can just tell as you watch them that they worked so hard to get to where they are: living out of their van, making enough gas money at the last show to get to the next one and inspite of it all they are loving life and are so excited about the future of their band.
The members of Sherwood are just as amazing as their music. If you get a chance to go to one of their shows, you’ll be able to find them around talking to their fans that come to see them perform. Their blend of unique personalities adds to the dynamic of band.
So now that you know a little something about the band, please go and check out Sherwood and share their music with your friends. You can check them out on their Web site at www.sherwoodmusic.net. You can also hear their music, as well as the music of some other awesome bands at www.purevolume.com.
Getting to watch a band from the beginning is an incredible experience so don’t miss this chance to watch these guys chase their dreams.