I Don’t Want to Grow Up, I’ll Just be 20 Forever …

Taraneh Arhamsadr, fourth-year undecided/undeclared major with an emphasis in nothing.
Kind of has a winning ring, doesn’t it? It really makes you think, ‘This girl is going straight to the top and never looking back!’
Sounds unrealistic? Unfortunately, my impending graduation date and current frame of mind seem to tell otherwise.
Between the fall of 2002 and now, I’ve been a ‘jack of all trades,’ but not of the good sort.
I came to UCI holding the same idea as many of my fellow former 4.0-plus, AP/IB, National Honor Society, high SAT score nerds: four challenging but manageable years in the biological sciences, followed by medical school and a life of endless luxury.
Well, that delusion was discarded as soon as reality hit; as soon as I came to the horrible realization that I couldn’t arrogantly breeze my way through college like I could back in the good old days at Canyon High.
After that, I quickly shuffled through a plethora of future career options. Dabbling in the English major brought dreams of award-winning novels and a critically acclaimed column in the New York Times. Unfortunately, most writers don’t normally bring home the bling and the cheddar, and one thing I do know for sure is that self-reliance in adulthood is key. So that idea moseyed on through.
International studies was my next illogical foray. I call it illogical not because of the subject matter