Mutual Respect is Needed For Dialogue

About three weeks ago I received a phone call from a reporter named Josh Richman who works for a newspaper called Forward.
The article was titled ‘Jewish-Muslim Tensions High on California Campus.’
Today it still can be found at
When Richman called me, he asked me questions about the relationship between Arabs and Israelis on campus.
I simply replied that in the past, respect has not been present, but today my organization, the Society of Arab Students, will engage in dialogue to establish respect for this year and hopefully for the years to come.
But I was shocked, and I still am, by how Jewish leaders on campus can represent such lack of knowledge and yet wonder why their fellow Jewish brother and sister students refuse to take any part in their constrained view of reality.
To those wonderful Jewish friends of mine on campus, I probably do not need to explain myself to you; however, to my other Jewish acquaintances on campus, I only write this out of frustration.
First, let’s make one last thing clear: Not all Jews are Israeli, or pro-Israeli, for that matter, and not all Israelis or pro-Israelis represent all Jews