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Emily’s 2004 List of Rock, Pop and Alternative Successes

I’m starting to listen to Christmas music. It scares me a little, because even now that Thanksgiving is over, it still seems a bit early.
But I insist on appreciating the season, so I will get the most out of it by starting early. And as the year winds down and our quarter comes to an end, I know that the time for relaxation and reflection, also known as winter break, approaches. My first reflections on the past year are lighthearted ones.
What are they? you ask. Why, I’m only talking about the best musical releases of 2004!
A lot happened this year. Music lost legend Ray Charles, the United States reelected Republican George W. Bush and yours truly crossed an ocean to study abroad in France.
OK, so maybe you don’t care too much about my international adventure, but I couldn’t think of anything better and, besides, there is something more intriguing to follow.
Fascinated by all the talent I saw seeping from the music scene over the past 12 months, I decided to put together as comprehensive a list as I could muster of what I consider the biggest rock, pop and alternative successes of 2004. Brace yourselves.
First, a disclaimer: These are in not particular order.
Out of respect, I am obligated to mention these guys first: Nirvana.
Nirvana is like Sublime and Tupac Shakur in the sense that it doesn’t matter that one of the key players has passed away. They just keep on releasing. ‘With the Lights Out’ seals Nirvana’s fate as one of the founding bands of grunge-alternative