Letters to the Editor

I wanted to write this article in response to the editorial article in last week’s New University arguing that the Greek Row project is not ‘in the best interest of the student body.’ The argument made is somewhat valid in that a major push for a housing development to only benefit a few students at the expense of all students may not be the best idea.
However, that argument fails to understand the big picture that a Greek Row can play into the campus community. In terms of the Greek community, having more on-campus facilities for their various organizations helps to localize and reinforce the Greek life on campus. On a broader scale, the Greek Row project first of all contributes to opening up housing space in communities like Arroyo Vista to be used by campus organizations and student groups throughout the campus. It also helps to ensure that even more students will be living on campus, helping to eliminate the ‘commuter school’ label that harms this campus’ student life and adds to apathy.
The Greek Row project is part of a larger effort to build a stronger community on-campus and get more students to invest on campus by making UC Irvine home for more students rather than just the place we go to class. As the ASUCI Campus Affairs Director under the Office of Administrative Affairs, I am happy to support the Greek Row project and the expansion of housing facilities to campus organizations.
Our office along with students across campus are supporting it as part of larger effort to extend housing availability, make fair and equal rules and policies for students living on campus, and encourage greater investment by students into the campus community. I believe that the Greek Row and organization housing plan is a smart project to be supported by ASUCI, Campus Organizations, and the student body. As a student and an advocate for students as a whole, I work toward and support all efforts to support and expand the quality of student life and the campus community, including the Greek Row project.
As this work continues I encourage students from all perspectives to voice their input as well as learn of current work being done by talking to the elected legislative and executive officers as well as commissioners like myself to ensure that the most students possible are benefited.

Ryan Sanders
ASUCI Campus Affairs Director