News in Brief

Orange County Hospitals Perform Surgery for Free
As part of the ‘In Loving Hands’ program, 31 children in Orange County were given free surgery on Nov. 27.
The program was sponsored by Children’s Hospital of Orange County, St. Joseph Medical Hospital, ENTrust Medical Group and Allied Anesthesiologists. The project was headed by ENTrust doctor, Robert del Junco, who was able to get six surgeons and 80 hospital employees to donate their time and services to children who have chronic non-emergency ailments who can’t obtain medical financial assistance.
Del Junco estimated that the surgeries and salaries of the services given to the children at St. Joseph Hospital totaled $200,000.

Storm Causes Tree to Fall and Injures Students
Around 6:30 a.m. on Nov. 21, a 50-foot tree that was 40 inches in diameter snapped in half and crashed into a house on 16 Duane where 20 UCI students were sleeping.
The students were members of KabaModern who had decided to sleepover at the house after a dance competition. The tree crashed into the living room where 15 of the 20 students were sleeping. About 10 students were injured with minor cuts and bruises. The most serious injury was a mild concussion.
The police department, the fire department and ambulance responded immediately, and later determined the house uninhabitable.