Ashlee Simpson ‘La La’s Herself to the Point of No Return

With the new year upon us, most of us are hoping to start off on the right … note.
Unfortunately this was not the case for pop star Ashlee Simpson, whose performance of ‘La La,’ will forever be known as the ‘La La’ heard around the world. While some may ring in the new year with noise-makers, poppers or even drunken renditions of ‘Auld Lang Syne,’ Simpson’s 2005 began to the tune of booing by the 72,000-plus crowd present at the Fed-Ex Orange Bowl in Miami, Fla. after her halftime performance of ‘La La’ on Jan. 4.
Between Simpson’s performance itself and questioning whether or not it was appropriate to boo a 20-year-old female in front of 72,000 and national television, with a victory of 55-19 over Oklahoma, USC appeared to be the only triumphant party of the event.
Meanwhile, representatives for the Orange Bowl commented that they were very pleased by all of the halftime performances and suggested that the booing was not specifically attributed to Simpson’s half-time performance. Rather they suggested that it was backlash from Simpson’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ debacle