ASUCI Competes With Bookstore

On Jan. 5, ASUCI’s Campus Affairs Program began its second book exchange program, offering students who wish to sell their old textbooks an alternative to the UCI Bookstore’s quarterly book buyback.
ASUCI acts as a medium between students who want to sell books and students who wish to purchase them. The book exchange allows students to set their own prices for the books they want to sell.
Once a student submits a textbook, they complete a form detailing the book’s condition and contact information. Other students can then go to ASUCI and look through their inventory for books to purchase. If a book is sold, the seller receives a check for the assigned amount; if the book isn’t sold, the seller gets the book back.
While ASUCI doesn’t receive profit from the exchange, $2 is subtracted from each textbook sold over $20. The $2 subtraction finances the production of checks that students receive in return for the books they’ve sold. Otherwise, students are able to use the service free of charge, as ASUCI covers the cost of everything else