Catching Up With Seb of Simple Plan

Multi-platinum Canadian pop-punk rockers Simple Plan have returned to the charts with the (say when) release of their newest album, ‘Still Not Getting Any …’ With the continuing success of their first album, ‘No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls’ in addition to consistently sold-out tours, it became unclear as to what Simple Plan is currently still not getting any of.
So, we decided to ask.
The New University spoke with one of Simple Plan’s guitarists, Sebastien Lefebvre.

New University: ‘Still Not Getting Any …’ has been released quite recently and it is already doing very well. What are your thoughts?

Sebastien Lefebvre: Everything’s going awesome. We’ve been playing good shows and we’re touring a lot. All of the kids that are coming to the shows are really into the new songs. We’re very proud of all the hard work we put into the new record so we’re stoked that it’s doing good and we’re just going to keep going and keep touring for at least the next two, three years or so.

New U.: The first single off of the new album is entitled ‘Welcome to My Life.’ If you welcoming someone to your life, what kind of introduction would you give?

Lefebvre: I would say,’ Welcome to crazy schedules, fun shows and going around the world doing what you love.’ Welcome to that!

New U.: Bassist David Desrosiers has a sticker on his bass that says ‘Blame Canada.’ What’s something that we can blame Canada for?

Lefebvre: You know what? Probably nothing at all! Canada is a great place to live. People are great and it’s a safe place to be. It just sucks that it’s cold during winter, but aside from that everything’s awesome and I like Canada.

New U.: Okay then, what’s something we can blame the United States for?

Lefebvre: Ummm, Ummm, I don’t know! We love touring in the states and it’s a great country. There are great people and a lot of opportunities … it’s just kind of funny that the California people elected a robot from the future to be their governor.

New U.: How did you guys come up with the title for the new album?

Lefebvre: We just thought that it was really funny and because this record is a bit more mature and a bit more serious, we didn’t want people to think that we’re taking ourselves too seriously.

New U.: So at this very moment if you had to fill in the blank, ‘Seb is still not getting any …’

Lefebvre: Sleep! I’m tired because I live a lot.