Cornered! A Weekly CD Review.

You may have missed the Nov. 20, 2004 release of the Phenomenauts second major release, ‘Re-Entry.’ In fact, you’ve probably missed the whole thing from takeoff to touchdown.
The five-man band rocketed onto the Bay Area punk/garage/rockabilly scene in 2000 and has been stirring up trouble ever since. Whether it be tearing up shows in live performances, or hijacking their way onto the Vans Warp Tour (several times) by bribing stage crew with breakfast burritos, the Phenomenauts have made their impact on the Bay Area.
Just to clarify for a moment, I feel it would be a disservice to the readers to not explain a little bit about the Bay Area rock ‘n’ roll scene. I imagine most of UCI’s students live in Southern California, at least part of the year, and don’t have ample opportunities to compare So Cal and Nor Cal concerts.
For one thing, people move and dance without killing each other.
Major labels are not considered the sign of a successful band.
And most importantly, people have this awkward passion for the industry. I don’t know