Letters to the Editor

To the Campus Community

As we return to the campus at the beginning of this new year, many of us do so with more on our minds than classes, work and the need to balance our busy schedules. The tsunami disaster in Southern Asia has affected all of us, some more directly than others.
Although we currently have no reports of UCI students, faculty and staff caught in the deadly waves or their aftermath, I am sure that some of us know people who have been lost or who have lost loved ones in any of the nine countries affected by the tragedy.
And for those of us who do not know anyone directly endangered, the epic proportion of the disaster has certainly moved us all to disbelief and sadness over the lives lost and the devastation wrought by the initial earthquake and related tsunami onslaughts.
Many of you have asked for ideas on how you can help, and others have begun to organize their energies toward assisting various relief efforts.
In response to the many calls for and offers to help, I want to announce that the Volunteer Center is hosting a meeting on Jan. 13 at 1 p.m. for anyone interested in participating in a Tsunami Disaster Task Force Coalition. Many representatives of student organizations are planning to attend.
The meeting will be held in the Volunteer Center (100 Gateway Commons) and I encourage anyone interested in offering support of any kind