Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Legend-ary Show in Anaheim

What makes a person a legend? Is it the talent he possesses, the way in which he affects change, or simply one daring act?
In the world of music, those considered to be legends, like John Lennon and Pink Floyd, have used their art to test the boundaries of society, politics and human nature.
Artists with that level of legitimate influence are harder and harder to come by in today’s bubblegum pop and mainstream hip-hop society.
But once in awhile, something worthwhile comes along.
With the weighty word in his very name, John Legend has a lot to live up to, and he doesn’t ever disappoint.
Legend’s current album, \”Get Lifted\” is number one on the R & B charts and is receiving rave reviews.
The 26-year-old University of Pennsylvania graduate has worked extensively with Kanye West