McGruder Highlights Inequalities

On Jan. 20, five days after the date that would have been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 77th birthday, the Crystal Cove Auditorium was filled to near capacity with people who came to listen to cartoonist and ‘Boondocks’ comic creator Aaron McGruder deliver the keynote speech in UCI’s 21st annual Martin Luther King Jr. symposium.
Entitled ‘The Ethics of Dissent,’ McGruder discussed the discontinuity of King’s legacy with the present administration while lamenting, often humorously, the situation in Iraq, the dwindling viability of the Democratic Party and the precarious state of the media.
Joseph White, a former UCI professor of psychology as well as a past keynote speaker, introduced McGruder to the audience, likening the cartoonist to King.
‘Brother McGruder is like Dr. King in that he’s only trying to point to the contradictions in American life and make America what it ought to be,’ White said.
McGruder’s comic strip, ‘Boondocks,’ explores themes of race, biracial identity and juvenile delinquency through the eyes of two young African-American brothers living in a predominantly white suburbia. McGruder