News in Brief

Professor Awarded by American Chemical Society
The American Chemical Society recently awarded William J. Evans, professor of chemistry at UC Irvine, their 2005 Award in Inorganic Chemistry.
Evans was recognized for his research of lanthanide elements, which was previously regarded as an unimportant study of chemistry. He is now working on making lanthanides for use in the preparation preparing pharmaceuticals, catalysts for making rubber and for use in hydrogen-based fuel cell recycling.
Evans is the first UCI faculty member to receive this award. He will be presented with $5,000 and a certificate on Mar. 15 in San Diego.

Research Shows Antioxidants Help Older Dogs
Professor of neurology Carl Cotman and Elizabeth Head, assistant professor of neurology, along with William Milgram of the University of Toronto discovered that older beagles can perform better when they were kept on an antioxidant diet.
The National Institute on Aging, which leads federal research on aging and memory, supported the research on the beagles.
Using various groups of dogs, The study on the beagles suggests that antioxidants can reduce damage to neurons in the brain, which suggests that humans can improve their cognitive health.