Plugging In, Tuning Out: iPod Revolution

The concept of portable music has existed since Sony’s 1979 release of the Walkman. Since then, technology has evolved from Discmans to MP3 players, accomodating the desire for a product that maximizes our listening options in the most compact, portable form possible.
It wasn’t until 2001, when Apple released the iPod, that the nature of portable music would be forever revolutionized. Since then, the prevalence of portable music players has increased dramatically with evidence existing on or in the ears of numerous UCI students.
It seems that having one’s entire musical catalog in a little box that sits on your hip or fits in your pocket is a concept that is too good to pass up.
Who could deny the greatness of not having your portable listening selections be limited by the number of CDs that you could fit in your backpack or the number of songs that could be burned onto a single CD?
The ease of the iPod system in correlation with the vast amount of musical diversity it allows for is a phenomenon that was previously unparalleled. The technology caters to the very element of human existance that we take most pride in