Acrobats Tumble at the Barclay

Imagine all the acrobatics in the movie ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ without the green screens and wire harnesses. It was nothing but pure human talent and strength that amazed the audience.
On Jan. 27, The National Acrobats of Taiwan, R.O.C. visited the Barclay Theatre to display their talents, which ranged from juggling and balancing to gymnastics in some of the most dangerous situations in a 12-act performance.
The show, entitled, ‘The Chinese Blossom,’ began with the act ‘Heroic Drums,’ which featured a traditional drum ceremony. The drummers exhibited impressive precision as they performed in unison with rapid and complex rhythmic patterns.
It was followed by an act called ‘The Blooming Spring,’ which involved three young ladies on a small platform contorting themselves in various designs to represent flowers.
The following acts consisted of hand acrobatics, tumbling through rings of knives and flames, and foot juggling, all of which proved that acrobats are not your average athletes.
The acrobats displayed great athleticism and strength because many, if not all, of the acts required precise hand-eye coordination, flexibility and sense of balance