Friday, June 5, 2020
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Gaining Speed: The Ultimate Frisbee Club

What differentiates Ultimate Frisbee from other sports is what its players fondly refer to as the ‘spirit of the game.’ Unlike football, basketball and soccer, there are no flagrant fouls, no ejections and no referees in Ultimate Frisbee.
The UCI’s Ultimate Frisbee Club has only been in existence for two years but has 50 people already registered in it.
UF, like football, is a sport played with two end zones and begins with a throw to the other team on the opposite end of the field called a ‘pull.’
The player who catches it must then stop himself and is then allowed to move just his pivot foot for a pass to a teammate, with the object being to eventually score by moving the disc into the other team’s end zone.
Players take turns running to and from the disc for the opportunity to make a catch.
A non-contact sport, UF is played with defense resembling that of soccer and basketball’s man-to-man coverage.
Turnovers are created on interceptions, violations of a 10-second pass rule, receptions out of bounds and dropped passes.
‘I started playing and got addicted,’ said Marie-Caline Abadjian, one of the many new recruits this year on UCI’s Ultimate Frisbee team. ‘I like to run, jump, and leap