Consider M.J.’s Mental Health

Your father believes in regular spankings. He can be a very aggressive disciplinarian at times. You and your eight siblings are kept somewhat isolated from the outside world due to your mother’s religion.
You and your 10 family members share a house, the payments of which are made on a steelworker’s salary. As soon as you cross the threshold of double-digit age, you become the focal point of a rock band with four of your brothers. Oh yeah, and you are the leader of an internationally acclaimed band known as the Jackson 5.
Michael Jackson did not have a normal childhood. Some might argue that he did not experience childhood at all, given the intense pressure he and his father imposed on himself in practicing for the band. While most children were bracing themselves for the third grade, Jackson was bracing himself to carry the constant burden of serious stress, attempting to meet the expectations of his millions of fans.
From this pedestal of fame, Jackson smoothly transitioned into a solo career, earning the title ‘King of Pop.’ In essence, Jackson never truly had anything resembling a normal life.
He had minimal experience in building relationships, romantically and otherwise. As a result of his own successes, he has traveled through life consistently in the public eye and drifted into his own extravagant fantasy land.
While I do feel that the charges which Jackson faces are quite possibly valid, I disagree with the possible consequence of sending Jackson to jail. Jackson would probably not last very long in jail due to his fragile emotional state. A more suitable sentence would be thorough and mandatory therapy with a dedicated and objective psychiatrist.
No one was surprised when Martin Bashir peeked inside Jackson’s private life last year on television to find an unusual and troubling lifestyle. The man calls his home Neverland. Rather, Bashir’s expos