Letters to the Editor

Parking and Transportation Provides Parking Solutions

Parking and Transportation would like to give an accurate account of concerns and issues raised in the editorial placed in the New University’s Jan. 17 issue.
‘Parking availability has decreased because short-term metered parking spots have increased.’
A comprehensive study of all available parking spaces on campus resulted in a gain of 188 spaces through reconfiguration of existing facilities.
Fifty five metered stalls were converted to permit parking.
‘Parking ticket machines have replaced meters. [In large lots such as lot 16], it’s a hassle to walk from your car to the [parking ticket] machine and then back to your car.’
It is true that most short-term parking stalls now use the pay-by-space method.
You do not need to place the permit in your car, only pay for the correct stall at the machine.
A permit dispenser, not a pay-by-space, is in lot 16; there is a hatched stall next to the dispenser so that you may temporarily park and purchase a permit.
‘Residents have to struggle as well.