Bush’s Budget Proposal Fails to Lower the Deficit

Despite the big press conference announcing the fact that the record federal deficit will be cut, President George Bush’s proposed budget cuts do nothing of the sort.
Although programs will be cut entirely or severely gashed, the deficit overall will not be cut because Bush failed to note that the ‘cuts’ in the deficit did not include the cost that the war in Iraq, as well as the cost of privatizing Social Security, would do in increasing the deficit.
The proposed cuts that Bush proposed essentially only cuts funds from programs like Medicaid, education programs and oil and gas research for no reason whatsoever. This has many Republicans in the House nervous. Even Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert acknowledges that much more needs to be done than these proposed cuts in the deficit. Although this may be surprising to some people that the deficit continues to increase, for people who have followed the economic policies of this president, it is, as Yogi Berra said, ‘d