John Yoo Fails to Participate in Meaningful Discussion

I was among the many UCI students, faculty and interested public who attended/protested the lecture given by Dr. John Yoo (co-author of the Patriot Act and the ‘torture’ memo) last Tuesday night. I swallowed much of my pride, passion and compassion that evening by not following my fellow patriotic Americans (students and nonstudents) who did not have the patience for nonsensical political rhetoric justifying torture and the abridgement of human and civil rights.
I sat quietly, respectfully, academically, biding my time for the overhyped Q-and-A portion while I gave my utmost attention to any possible validity in Yoo’s arguments.
I was a fool. I believed that he would keep his word when he said he was willing to enter into a long discussion or debate with any and all interested after his lecture. I thought that