ManiaTV! Stops at UC Irvine

Music television, the name is synonymous with bad reality TV shows, celebrity drama, commercials, almost everything except music and music videos.
Here steps in ManiaTV!, a completely internet based music/music-video ‘TV’ program. Completely free and streamed to a computer via high-speed internet, ManiaTV! hopes to dethrone the music-media giants long dominated by the commercial likes of MTV and VH1.
Smaller networks have come and gone, others remain with a smaller circulation. With a network specifically designed to reach college students with high-speed Internet access, ManiaTV! is in a position to reach a fan base historically known to ravenously pursue free services.
‘We need this type of tour, an audience that definitely has high speed internet, is familiar with Friendster and is Internet savvy,’ according to Paul Haffey, passing out free t-shirts and stickers along with colleague Becca Speer as part of the west coast Campus Tour.
ManiaTV! offers music video variety shows of every style, news programs in the morning, request shows, and even user submitted content shows.
‘My favorite show is the ‘The Daily Independent’ with Christine, it’s an independent rock show,’ he said about the programming. ”The Daily Independent’, ‘Flipside’ is hip hop, ‘100%’ is pop, ‘Power Hour’ is late night and is all action-sports, ‘U Pick Em’ is a request show, and we have wake up morning shows with Angela. It’s a pretty wide array of 24 hour a day programming.’
But ManiaTV!’s most distinguishing feature?
It is absolutely free and commercials are as common as music videos on MTV.
‘We’re not going to be like television where there are commercials every five or ten minutes. Now we do it every three hours or so, and we’re going to try to maintain that as much as possible’ Haffey said.
But on the business side, ManiaTV! plants to stick around despite a lack of constant advertising.
‘We’re planning business very effectively. Part of this big huge tour, Friendster is sponsoring a big contest with us, so we’re doing cross promotion with them, and they’re huge obviously. If we get a big social network like Friendster, we’ll be pretty much unstoppable,’ he said.
With partners like eBags, Dell, Intel and the Navy, ManiaTV! may have the backing to challenge the large networks.
With studios in Denver and hubs throughout the country, Haffey feels ManiaTV! can expand.
‘Having our studios in the center of the country is a good idea, you can expand to either audience [East and West Coast].’
Without a large advertising scheme, it’s hard to imagine that ManiaTV! will have the longevity to affect the media market. While the company currently runs on ‘angel investors,’ it remains to be seen whether others will continue to invest the fledgling company.
And while users can watch Internet TV 24 hours a day, will this emerging medium supplant TV for people’s first entertainment choice?
ManiaTV! remains confident entertainment media desires a change.
According to Speers, ‘The owner is Drew Massey, he’s done several other start up companies. The idea behind this is ‘Fuck Television,’ it’s archaic, the internet is where it’s at, and lets do some things that are different from television, less commercials, more underground and independent stuff.’
Live broadcast is available 24 hours a day with programming planned throughout the week. Feed is always available on demand at their Web site,