UC Seeks Mediator in Bargaining With Union

Recently, ongoing negotiations between the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299 and the University of California reached an impasse on over 30 labor issues. A third-party state mediator has been called in to help resolve the dispute by the UC.
AFSCME Local 3299 is a union that represents over 17,000 employees across all 10 UC campuses. At UC Irvine, the union represents food service employees and maintenance staff in the housing communities.
Negotiations have been ongoing since July 22, 2004 over issues including the introduction of a living wage and a step system of advancement which would reward promotions according of service. Yet, negotiations have stalled as the union and the university have been unable to compromise due to budget restraints.
‘They’ve basically stopped meeting with us,’ said Paul Worthman, chief negotiator for AFSCME. ‘At least for the time being, negotiations are done. There are no plans to reopen them.’
Among other major issues, the AFSCME is hoping to negotiate for raises and guarantees for future raises.
‘The major point of contention is money,’ Worthman said. ‘The people we represent