HOB Anaheim Show: Mos Def

The boos were coming from all over the House of Blues in Downtown Disney on Feb. 15 after a restless crowd of high school and college kids couldn’t stand any longer the almost three-hour wait for their ‘Mighty’ artist to arrive.
What else should we have expected?
We weren’t on Pacific Time, but rather New York, so when Mos Def finally rolled in, he was just in time for his own show.
Covered in a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses, Mos Def stood on a dark stage, looking like a Boogie Man as he sang the first few songs from his latest album ‘The New Danger.’
This album includes not only Mos Def, but his new black rock band, Black Jack Johnson, a group that mixes rap and rock.
Between songs, Mos went up to a second microphone, where his voice changed into one of a daunting boogie man.
Mos dispersed the name throughout his latest album and even dedicated a track to it called, ‘The Boogie Man Song.’
Finally, after taking of a few layers of clothing and revealing his face, Mos did what he does best: rap.
He performed tracks from his first solo album, ‘Black on Both Sides,’ as well as a few from his ‘Black Star’ CD, a dual act with Talib Kweli.
He sang a few ballads from his upcoming CD, set to be released this summer.
Apologies were said for the late start, but the crowd was already hyped just to see him. And Mos is definitely an entertainer on stage.
He joked around with his fans as he sang a few lines from ‘Ghetto Rock’ and then let the audience answer him with the final words, ‘Shut up.’
‘Oh, so you want me to shut up?’ Mos joked.
He didn’t.
Mos danced his way up and down the stage from one hip and shoulder motion to the next with a microphone in one hand and his two DJs in the background spinning his beats.
Not only did he perform songs like ‘Love, Sex and Money’ and rock out with Black Jack, but Mos also told a swaying audience everything would be OK with his ‘Panties’ song.
Then he told us that ‘rock music’ was better than leaning back, as he attached his own lyrics to the Terror Squad’s, ‘Lean Back.’
But after an hour and a half, Mos left the stage. Was that it? After waiting three hours for him to show?
Nope, he came back for an encore as the crowd chanted his name. Soon, The Dante was swaying and clapping his hands to his own music with the audience.
Mos Def, an artist whose sophomore CD ‘The New Danger’ was released last fall, more than five years after his first, ‘Black on Both Sides,’ was a sight to behold and definitely one not to miss.
His performance was well worth the wait as he belted out rap, rock and hip-hop. Despite the delay, Mos Def was the most beautiful boogie man that night.