How to Realize Your True Sexual Nature

Ending circumcision is the first and most important step toward giving people the opportunity to realize their true sexual nature. Those uninterested in letting their children become ‘His chosen people’ began to question the necessity of removing the supersensitive foreskin.
Therefore, the traditionalists created a myth relating to good hygiene. What about soap and water? I get dirt in between my toes but you do not see me cutting them off.
I oppose unnecessary and intrusive medical procedures such as circumcision and abortion because they are both violent and often painful. I have a friend as well as a relative who are still suffering from the psychological effects of ‘a woman’s right to choose.’ Preventing the need for abortion is the real priority. Every college and high school student should have access to free condoms, birth control and counseling. Passing a rigorous sexual education course should be necessary in order to graduate.
I am surprised how many women choose abortion because a child is not economically feasible. Perhaps the economic system itself should change to deter this tendency but that is an entirely different article. Regardless of the merits of capitalism or lack thereof, adoption is still a viable option. Plenty of people want and need to love and nurture children, including homosexuals.
People who argue that a child needs one mother and one father never acknowledge that a time existed when kids were lucky to see both of their biological parents alive. Children are raised in all sorts of environments. Love and devotion are sacred, not a failing financial institution.
The military makes an issue over gays to bring recruitment up. The warmongers want frustrated homosexuals to join and think that barriers are being broken. It is a load of shit.
In general, homosexuality is having a positive effect on civilization. I believe homosexuality has improved race relations especially in Los Angeles where homosexual Caucasians, African-American and Latinos can be seen holding hands and kissing on Santa Monica Boulevard. This has to frustrate the bigots.
For some reason, public displays of affection even among heterosexuals are taboo. The popular line is ‘Get a room.’ Well, the special woman in my life taught me a very important lesson last week: Conventional notions of sexual expression are irrelevant (thanks, Nette!). Therefore, I want you to feel free to ‘get it on’ anywhere and everywhere with anyone or everyone. Tell the authorities it is an act of civil disobedience. Protest the war by letting them know that killing innocent lives is the real obscenity, not your naked body. However, I cannot stress enough that sexual liberation will not come from a magazine, computer or television screen. Pornography creates more waste than relief and is more or less an artificial reaction to sexual suppression.
The tabloids and various media outlets present their ideal of beauty as a means to sell their products. Sorry