News in Brief

OCTA Abandons CenterLine Project
After 10 years of planning and over $63 million in studies, the Orange County Transportation Authority board voted on Feb. 14 to abandon the CenterLine light-rail system.
The original plan was to have the light-rail system run 28 miles from Fullerton to Irvine, but the plan was rejected by the Irvine City Council and other municipalities. The plans were then modified to a nine-mile route, but now the entire light-rail system has been abandoned in order to consider a bus rapid transit.
The bus rapid transit system would run some of the same routes that were planned for CenterLine and would be less expensive to construct.
Professor Uncovers Insect Physiology
Timothy Bradley, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UC Irvine, along with Stefan Hetz, assistant professor of physiology at Humboldt University, Germany, have found that insects will stop breathing for minutes at a time to keep excess oxygen.
Insects need to breathe in high volumes of oxygen when they are flying, but when they are resting, they continue to breathe at the same rate. Insects need to stop breathing to avoid excess amounts of oxygen in their bodies in order to prevent damage to their tissues.
Bradley and Hertz are now working on a model to demonstrate this.