Peter the Anteater:

On Jan. 27, the UC Irvine basketball team suffered a tough loss against Utah State at home. But lurking in the shadows that evening was perhaps something far more demoralizing.
It returned with force during the Feb. 12 Homecoming Game against UC Riverside and this time, everyone was watching.
So we have only one question: What is with the new Peter the Anteater mascot?
What happened to our cute, cuddly, easygoing former friend? He’s still around, showing up meekly at smaller sporting events while his replacement freaks us all out.
There are too many things wrong with this situation. At the forefront of it all is the new mascot’s appearance. Designed by graduate student Katie Wilson, the ‘improved’ Peter lacks the character of the old. He’s not even smiling!
In an attempt to look ‘cool’ and even ‘hardcore,’ Peter Number Two comes off as more frightening than a mascot ever should be. Aerodynamic and muscular, Peter Jr. can now do backflips and other super stunts. But why couldn’t we just improve upon the old design?
It is true that a lot of universities take their mascots seriously. We often see rival schools kidnapping each other’s mascots as the ultimate prank. Maybe this stunt was Irvine’s attempt to enter the serious world of college mascots