From Huntington

It seems like duality governs the English language these days. If a simple word such as ‘bad’ can have dual meanings, just think of all the possibilities a more dynamic word like ‘omega’ could possibly yield.
To the physicist, omega represents angular velocity, while the biologist may interpret omega as an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid that is found in fish and critical to good health. To the Greek system, omega is potentially one of the letters proudly stitched across the front of their sweatshirts while to the trendy, Omega is an expensive line of watches endorsed by the likes of Cindy Crawford and Tiger Woods.
With the formation of their Huntington Beach-based rock band Omega, guitarist/lead vocalist James Hernandez, drummer Jim Finnegan and bassist Richie Stanley have arguably created an Omega that encompasses all other existing definitions of the term ‘omega.’
Classic rock ‘n’ roll is delivered from their instruments to your ears with a precise angular velocity in units of kicking-ass per second. Wearing Omega will be possible when the T-shirts arrive and in terms of trendy, I’d wager that the highly Omega-passionate Hernandez would argue that Omega will become trendier than any watch in the world because Omega is sexier than Crawford and Woods combined.
And besides, everyone knows that fat-free rock music is paramount for good health and long life.
To the guys of Omega, the concept of rock ‘n’ roll is at the heart of the band. But what exactly does rock ‘n’ roll entail?
‘In two words: Kicking ass,’ Finnegan said. ‘It’s all about how that makes you feel. It’s all up to your own interpretation, but rock ‘n’ roll is definitely having that feeling while you’re playing that you’re kicking ass.’
With each member bringing something entirely different to the band, it appears that kicking ass is definitely in the cards for Omega.
As the front man, Hernandez embodies the energy and enthusiasm required to captivate not only an audience, but anyone in the room. His belief that Omega will eventually become the musical end-all of rock music extended even into the actual naming of the band. Omega comes from the Biblical references to Alpha and Omega. The greek symbol for omega is turned upside-down and used as the band’s logo in order to symbolize their dedication to turning the rock genre upside-down.
How exactly does the band plan on accomplishing this? Through the creation of honest rock