Ritt-iculing CDs By Esthero and Killradio

‘I’m so sick and tired of the shit on the radio / and MTV. They only play the same thing. No matter where I go / I see Ashanti in a video. / I want something more,’ declares Esthero in ‘We R in need of a musical ReVoLuTIon!’ the title track of this six-song EP.
Unfortunately, aside from the eschewal of typographical convention in the song’s title, this track falls disappointingly short of anything that I could deem ‘revolutionary.’
Here, Esthero drags out the same old complaints about corporate-controlled pop idols like Ashanti and Britney Spears, while offering little musical innovation with which to support her self-proclaimed disassociation from such starlets.
From this lackluster start, mercifully, the album improves substantially. In fact, of the six songs offered, three