The Macho Female Athlete: They do Exist

When involved in a sport, an athlete must exude aggression, competitiveness, determination and the will to not give up.
When I think about it, all these traits are often categorized as male stereotypes. Sports have always been, first and foremost, a predominantly male environment.
From bullfighting to wrestling, boxing and basketball, the men wave their flag and claim it their land.
Men, men, men.
Have these ‘macho’ traits, in the process, seeped into the bloodstream of female athletes?
When we have to go into the locker room and suit up in cleats and jerseys, tie our hair back in ponytails and whip the makeup off our faces, do we exchange our feminine characteristics for male ones instead?
From my view it seems to be that way, or at least it makes me think.
The female population has its stigmas, just like the male population. People still believe that females have to be sensitive, emotional and vulnerable. And maybe their favorite color falls somewhere in the pinks and purples.
Well, it’s time to wake up because a lot of us aren’t exactly what you think. Some females are actually more competitive than sensitive. Some females are as hard as steel before they cave into their innermost feelings and let you see the real person behind the fa