Travolta, The Rock and Thurman Are ‘Cool’

Back in October of 1995, Executive Producer Barry Sonnenfeld brought ‘Get Shorty’ to the movie-going public. His success in creating a film about a loan shark from Miami who is tempted by the vices of the Hollywood movie-making industry only egged Sonnenfeld on more. It’s no surprise, then, that he would use the same formula, recycle actors and actresses in key roles, even present movie posters with the characters lined up in that same V-shape behind their leading man to produce films based on similar themes, like ‘Big Trouble’ and ‘Ladykillers.’
A good 10 years after ‘Get Shorty,’ Director F. Gary Gray has created an ‘unofficial’ sequel to ‘Get Shorty’ called ‘Be Cool.’
‘Be Cool’ has the same kind of mess, same kind of characters and a town that can only be thought of as the Miami of the West Coast