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ASUCI Seeks Candidates for 2005-2006 Councils

The Associated Students of UC Irvine have begun preparations for officer elections for the 2005-2006 school year and is encouraging students to submit initial applications before the March 18 deadline.
Positions are available in both the legislative and executive branches of ASUCI.
The legislative council is a representative body composed of elected or appointed students from each academic school. These students are responsible for representing their constituents and voicing their concerns.
According to the ASUCI Web site, legislative council positions are recommended for students who have little or no experience with ASUCI but have a strong commitment to their particular school. In addition to representatives for each school on campus, there are also at-large representatives in the legislative council who represent the entire student body. Some of these positions will become vacant this spring while others will be open next fall.
The legislative council is responsible for the fiscal year budget, determining any legislation that is brought to them and making recommendations for amending the ASUCI constitution, legislative council by-laws and the elections code. Legislative council members must meet with the dean of their respective school at least twice per quarter and hold bimonthly office hours for the campus community.
All positions in the executive branch will become vacant in the spring, including the offices of the president, executive vice president, administrative affairs vice president, student services vice president and academic affairs vice president.
Although prior experience in student government is not required, the ASUCI Web site says it is strongly recommended that applicants for these positions have prior experience within ASUCI and understand its inner workings.
The ASUCI president is the primary voice for UCI students, serving as the chair of the executive cabinet and chief executive officer of ASUCI. He or she will handle relations with the administration; host programs such as the Anteater Leadership Forum, Visions and Student Programming; help bring the campus together through Greek, athletic, civic and multicultural commissions; and manage the student media commission.
The executive vice president is in charge of the legislative council and the office of external affairs and facilitates ASUCI elections. He or she will try to unite students from diverse backgrounds to create an environment conducive to the betterment of the students.
The vice president of academic affairs deals with issues concerning the relationship students have with the university. He or she will strive to improve the relationship between students and faculty, recognize the academic achievements of students and increase awareness of different academic issues and policies that uniquely affect students.
The vice president of administrative affairs serves as a liaison between the students and administration at UCI. He or she will advocate the needs and concerns of the students to faculty members and educate students about issues concerning the quality of student life, community and collegiate activities.
The vice president of student services programs student life, activities and entertainment, as well as create new events pertaining to improve student life. He or she will oversee comedy night programs, dances, festivals including Wayzgoose and Reggaefest, Welcome Week activities, spirit programs, Pub Nights and homecoming.
Vice President of Student Services Adam Boothby encourages students who are not happy with some of ASUCI’s actions to get involved by running for office.
‘A lot of people complain that they don’t like what we do,’ Boothby said. ‘By getting into the organization you will have the power to change policies.’
ASUCI President Gabriel Ayass also encouraged involvement in ASUCI, either by running for office or voting in elections.
‘It’s very important that students vote in these elections because every vote counts,’ Ayass said. ‘Even if it only is one vote, it’s your vote, and if you don’t exercise your vote, somebody else will exercise it for you and they’ll institute change and you might not like the change.’
Ayass also said that positions in ASUCI aren’t limited to just the legislative and executive branches.
‘There are a host of internships, commissioner and judicial board member positions in ASUCI for people wanting to get involved,’ Ayass said. ‘There really is something for everyone.’
Applications and additional election information literature are available at the ASUCI office and on the ASUCI Web site,