Number One Fan Thaws Out Rock in Calif.

Times are about to change.
For years there has been a common misconception that the best thing that the state of Wisconsin has to offer the rest of the United States is either cheese or the Green Bay Packers. Despite popular belief, neither of these are true.
Aside from subzero temperatures, the inherent beauty of the landscapes and the tirelessly friendly people, Wisconsin’s best export is actually the indie rock band, Number One Fan.
With their harmonious blend of songs featuring acoustic guitar or classic electric guitar, Number One Fan earned more fans at the Troubador in Hollywood, co-headlining the show with fellow indie-rockers Brandtson on March 7. Number One Fan consists of brothers lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Nicholas Ziemann and his brother bassist Michael Ziemann, in addition to guitarist Matthew Reetz and drummer/percussionist Johnathan Fries.
Escaping the winter wonderland of the midwest in the name of rock, Number One Fan reluctantly accepted the co-headlining tour with Brandtson.
‘We were a little hesitant to do a headlining tour, but so far attendance has been exceptionally better than we expected it to be,’ Ziemann said. ‘We were expecting maybe 50 kids a night in a lot of areas because people have better tours to go to