Stress Relief for Today’s Student

Have you or a loved one been under intense amounts of stress lately? Do you have feelings of self-depreciation?
In all seriousness, all students are under various degrees of stress while under periods of transition. Also considering that finals are fast approaching, students should be aware that counseling is available to every student who has paid their registration fees.
With the stigma often associated with counseling patients, many students may find it difficult to commit to individual counseling. Yet who should consider it?
Dr. James H. Cones, Clinical Director of the Counseling center, advises simply, ‘I would recommend counseling to every student.
‘My reasons are this: one, it’s already paid for. And two, this time of life, students are under various kinds of crisis moving outside the family and becoming independent. And it’s great if you can go through the process with someone trained and unbiased.’
But due to a small but exceptionally qualified staff, Dr. Cones admitted, ‘