News in Brief

UC Offers CUE Labor Union Final Offer
On March 24, the UC announced that it will implement its March 3 contract proposal without the approval of the Coalition of Union Employees. The UC has been bargaining with CUE since July 2003.
The final offer includes a 10 percent wage increase for police dispatchers at UC Irvine and a two percent wage increase for clerical workers at UC San Diego.
CUE did not agree to the proposal, but the UC is able to implement it because it completed all stages of the bargaining process.
CUE was reprimanded by a fact finding panel for misconduct during the negotiations, including publicizing the panel’s report.
New Mexico Joins UC to Run Technology Lab
The UC recently announced its intent to partner with the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University and New Mexico Institute for Mining and Technology to form the Institute for Advanced Studies.
The institute, which will be affiliated with Los Alamos National Laboratory, will be a research and education center studying such diverse fields of study as astronomy, biology, computational science, environmental science, quantum computing, water and radioisotopes.
The institute will offer researchers an opportunity to participate in important scientific research.