Act! Speak! Build!

Irvine High School is familiar territory for Dennis Nguyen, a fourth-year biological sciences major at UC Irvine.
‘This was my old high school,’ Nguyen said as he and a handful of other UCI students made their way through the crowd of high schoolers.
But Nguyen’s April 6 visit to his alma mater was more than a leisurely rehashing of old memories.
Nguyen is also the president of Anteaters Habitat for Humanity, and he, along with his fellow AHH members, had education in their minds when they visited IHS last Wednesday.
‘We’re going to be speaking to a club called Students for Social Responsibility, a volunteer club and service organization [at IHS],’ Nguyen said. ‘We’re trying to target students who have a passion for doing this kind of service for the community.’
AHH’s visit to IHS was part of Habitat for Humanity’s Act! Speak! Build! Week, a student-initiated program which took place during April 4 to 9 in chapters across the United States, as well as abroad.
Caroline Beal, the campus chapter coordinator for Habitat for Humanity International, described the importance of Act! Speak! Build! Week as an ‘awareness event.’
‘Act! Speak! Build! Week was started three years ago