Pipes’ Beliefs Not Beneficial to Campus

As if inviting John Yoo to campus wasn’t enough of an embarrassment for the year, UC Irvine also hosted one of the country’s largest war mongrels, Daniel Pipes.
For a short term Daniel Pipes served on the United States Institute for Peace, and when he attempted to regain his position in the institution, he was denied nomination because of his clear inability to promote peace of any sort. He calls for the democratization of people and countries through the barrel of guns while speaking hate against people of color in the United States. Mocking the horrors of the Japanese internment camps, Pipes claims that the mass roundup of Japanese-Americans during World War II came because of ‘legitimate national security concerns.’
He describes Muslims as ‘brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods’ who are immigrating in masses to Europe and the United States. Pipes’ invitation to UCI as a ‘Chancellors Distinguished Fellow’ raises an eyebrow as to what standards are being set for a distinguished fellow. The only thing distinguishable in Daniel Pipes is his dangerous racist ideologies and hate for minorities in America. Few academia respect Daniel Pipes’ work as it is blatantly biased by anti-Muslim rhetoric and filled with exaggerated claims and false accusations. The academic institution of UCI should never support the work of Daniel Pipes and his kind. His claims go way beyond neoconservatism but dive completely into a pool of hate and racism.
After his creation of www.campus-watch.org, a Web site and organization formed for the sole purpose of hindering the free speech of professors in universities all over the states, Daniel Pipes now attempts to spread his views of bigotry. Campus-watch.org encourages students and others to watch for and report professors who speak against the state of Israel in any way and are soft on ‘Islamic militants.’ Pipes argues that professors who do not support the actions of the state of Israel are clearly anti-Semitic and, with authorization from the government, he has been able to suspend professors from teaching at universities.
Of course our university protects free speech of all kind. But that does not mean that we should count these so called ‘experts’ whose career subsists on creating hostility against a particular race, religion or ethnicity ‘scholarly distinguished academics.’

Mona Abdallah is a second-year political science major.