PSP and DS

Since 1989, Nintendo has had a stranglehold on the handheld gaming industry.
Competitors like the Atari Lynx and the Sega Game Gear have come and gone, toppled by the might of the Game Boy.
But now Nintendo faces a real threat from Sony, a rival that has been consistently chipping away at the house that Mario built.
Hot on the heels of Nintendo’s DS is the Sony Playstation Portable. So, which system should you spend your hard-earned money on?
Both systems landed amidst much hype and fanfare, though Sony’s publicity machine kicked into overdrive and edged out Nintendo’s, but hype is no indicator of quality.
Sales are a much better indicator, and they give the PSP a slight edge. The DS moved roughly 510,000 units in its first week while the PSP sold close to 600,000. Overall worldwide sales figures for the two systems are very close, however, resting over 1 million.
The PSP is the technological superior in nearly every way, but it suffers a much lower battery life than the DS