Some Diet While I’m Trying to Gain: The Irony of it All

In the car, on the way to class, or at the dinner table, the constant hot topic is weight.
My mom, who’s not heavy at all, is losing weight by drinking two glasses of water in the morning.
My friend assesses her weight by the ring she wears on her ‘fatter’ right hand.
If it gets loose, she’s losing; if it gets tight, she’s gaining.
And here I am, the anomaly of those who surround me.
Why? Because I’m on a mission to gain weight.
I’m not saying I want to gain 20 pounds. I am on the skinnier side and gaining at least five or so pounds would compliment this petite figure of mine.
But I’ve found it just as hard to gain weight as it probably is to lose the extra pudge.
I always thought, ‘Yeah, I’ll just eat junk food and that should move the arrow to the left when I look down on the scale.’
Uh, no … it doesn’t!
And UC Irvine doesn’t seem to care much about healthy food or our neighboring streets as demonstrated by its In-N-Out, KFC, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, what used to be China Bowl in the Student Center and vending machines galore.
There’s never anything on the healthier side, unless you count fried vegetables oozing with grease.
Kinda makes you want to scrunch up your nose in disgust, huh?
I wish Trader Joe’s opened up its own Trade de Joe’s Caf